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Mafia III: Plain of Jars
Insight Editions, October 2017
Ebook or trade paperback (240 pages, $15.99)
ISBN: 978-1608879939

Before Lincoln Clay laid waste to New Bordeaux in his quest for vengeance against the Italian Mob, he did an equally action-packed tour in Vietnam. In this authorized prequel to the hit game Mafia III, Clay learns the skills he will put to use back in New Bordeaux—first as an Army grunt, then as a Special Forces soldier running covert ops for the CIA. Featuring characters and situations from the game and a brand-new, original storyline full of intrigue, passion and suspense, Mafia III: Plan of Jars is a great read for fans of the game and crime genre hounds looking for more of the world of Mafia to explore.


NCIS: New Orleans – Crossroads
Titan Books, March 2017
Ebook or trade paperback (320 pages, $7.99)
ISBN: 978-1783296347
During the famous Mardi Gras parade, a young Naval oceanographer plunges to his death from a hotel balcony. It’s up to Pride and his crew to investigate. But this is a case that goes from grisly to utterly strange. A gris-gris bag found in the victim’s belongings, a trail of mystical clues, and the haunting figure of a voodoo loa on CCTV at the crime scene all suggest that dark powers are at work in The Big Easy.

NCIS: Los Angeles: Bolthole

Titan Books, November 2016
Ebook or paperback (320 pages, $7.99)
ISBN: 978-1783296330

In a division of NCIS that is charged with apprehending dangerous and elusive criminals that pose a threat to the nation’s security, this team of highly trained agents put their lives on the line in the field to bring down their targets.

When a Navy counselor paying a home visit to a former Navy SEAL finds him inside his house, tortured and murdered, NCIS is called in to investigate. Meanwhile, a bank hold-up goes bad downtown and an LAPD officer is shot. The cop is a friend of Deeks’, but a trace on the getaway vehicle shows no connection between the crimes—until NCIS digs deeper.

Deadlands: Thunder Moon Rising
Tor Books, September 2016
Ebook or trade paperback (400 pages, interior illustrations, $15.99)
ISBN: 9780765375285
Jeff Mariotte's Deadlands: Thunder Moon Rising, the newest book based on the hit Weird West RPG franchise Deadlands!

Fear is abroad in the Deadlands as a string of brutal killings and cattle mutilations trouble a Western frontier town in the Arizona Territory, nestled in the forbidding shadow of the rugged Thunder Mountains. A mule train is massacred, homes and ranches are attacked, and men and women are stalked and butchered by bestial killers who seem to be neither human nor animal, meanwhile a ruthless land baron tries to buy up all the surrounding territory-and possibly bring about an apocalypse.

Once an officer in the Union Army, Tucker Bringloe is now a worthless drunk begging for free drinks at the corner saloon. When he's roped into a posse searching for the nameless killers, Tuck must rediscover the man he once was if he's to halt the bloodshed and stop occult forces from unleashing Hell on Earth . . . when the Thunder Moon rises.

Harper Voyager Impulse, January 2016 Ebook
(2.99) or paperback (544 pages, $7.99)
ISBN: 9780062434920

Detached from the world, how are seven psychopaths going to save it?

Phoenix is one of the most populated cities in America…but not for long. With a mysterious sickness spreading through the streets, two things are becoming very clear: there’s no cure, and it doesn’t necessarily kill you.

Instead, the so-called “Infecteds” have become a living plague, killing and eating everyone they come into contact with. Chaos is spreading, and no one is safe.

No one, that is, except for a group of psychos.
Somehow unaffected by the disease—and with promises of clemency for their monstrous pasts—a group of seven is sent downtown to hopefully find the cause of the disease…and therefore a cure. But when the asylum is the size of a city, it no longer matters who is running things.

Not when everyone is running for their lives.

The Walking Dead meets The Andromeda Strain in this fast-paced mix of science fiction and horror.

Empty Rooms
WordFire Press, January 2015 (385 pages, $16.99)
ISBN-13: 2940150035393

Richie Krebbs is an ex-cop, a walking encyclopedia of crime and criminals who chafes at bureaucracy. Frank Robey quit the FBI and joined the Detroit PD, obsessed with the case of a missing child and unwilling to leave the city before she was found. When Richie unearths a possible clue in one of Detroit’s many abandoned homes, it puts him on a collision course with Frank—and with depths of depravity that neither man could have imagined.

How do people who dwell in the darkest places—by profession or predilection—maintain their connection to the world of light and humanity? Richie and Frank will need every coping mechanism at their disposal to survive their descent into darkness and emerge unbroken on the other side.

With Empty Rooms, bestselling award-winning novelist Jeffrey J. Mariotte introduces crime savant Krebbs and obsessive comic book fan Robey, who will quickly join the ranks of the most beloved heroes of thriller literature.

Empty Rooms is as good and moving as a thriller can be. Keenly observed and deftly written, it’s something you’ll want on your shelf as long as you have one. Mariotte’s characters come off the page at you, and through them, the author spins a tale truly of our time. I couldn’t put this one down.”

--T. Jefferson Parker
Author of The Jaguar and The Border Lords

Empty Rooms is a searing, no-holds barred journey into darkness. Jeffrey J. Mariotte knows the key is character, character, character and has delivered a story about men who relentlessly work the case at the same time the case works them. I was pulled in from the start on this one and it never let up. I highly recommend it.”

Michael Connelly
Author of The Black Box and The Gods of Guilt

Star Trek: The Original Series: Serpents in the Garden

Pocket Books (368 pages, $7.99)

ISBN-13: 978-1476749655

Early in his five-year mission commanding the U.S.S. Enterprise, Captain James T. Kirk found himself caught up in a grow­ing conflict on the planet Neural. To maintain the balance of power against a force being armed by the Klingons, he provided weapons to his new friends, the Hill People. Years later, Admiral Kirk learns that the Klingon presence on Neural has grown considerably, and in possible violation of the Treaty of Organia. Did his impulse as a young captain turn out disastrously wrong? Could he have done more to eliminate the Klingon threat? To find out, Kirk must embark on a secret mission back to Neural—where he might just be the only person who can prevent an interstellar war. . . .

River Runs Red

DarkFuse, November 2013 (240 pages, $4.99)

ISBN: 0515144770

Book 1 of The Border Trilogy

A reporter for an independent weekly newspaper in El Paso finds herself strangely thrilled to cover murder stories, even while her beloved brother is dying in a nearby hospital room.

A CNN correspondent trapped in an underground prison in Iraq finds unexpected salvation.

A CIA agent assigned to run Operation Moon Flash, the agency's covert psychic investigations program, has to step up when his psychics start to die, one by one.

An anthropologist searches an ancient rock art site near a small Texas town on the Rio Grande, hoping to find clues to her father's disappearance.

When these characters come together, they will confront their own pasts and one another as combatants in a supernatural war spanning the eons and the continents, all linked by the raging currents of the world's rivers…with the fate of Earth itself hanging in the balance.

River Runs Red is an ambitious epic of a supernatural thriller blending spy fiction with flat-out terror. Character-driven and fast-moving, River Runs Red has more unexpected twists and turns than a mountain stream.

Missing White Girl

DarkFuse ($4.99)

Book 2 of The Border Trilogy

Young Lulu Lavender has been stolen from her home, her family murdered in the night. With the resources and attention of the sheriff’s department consumed by the high-profile case of a missing white teenager from a wealthy family, it falls to rural sheriff’s lieutenant Buck Shelton and his small staff to investigate.

She’s coming…

The Lavender family’s nearest neighbor—Oliver Bowles, a college professor with secrets of his own—becomes Buck’s prime suspect. But Oliver is not what he seems and soon accompanies Buck on an excursion into the literal and figurative darkness of Arizona’s storm-drenched southern border.

She’s almost here…

Buck’s investigation leads him into a world of bizarre powers and ancient struggles with tendrils reaching into the present, of border vigilantes and drug dealers, of the lust for power and glory and the most violent impulses within the human heart. When the missing white girl returns, the only thing certain is that people are going to die…

Cold Black Hearts

DarkFuse ($4.99)

Book 3 of The Border Trilogy

An explosion has stolen Phoenix police detective Annie O’Brien’s hearing, but left her with a preternaturally heightened sense of empathy. Surrounded by emotions she can’t cope with and unable to do her job anymore, Annie accepts a job in a small New Mexico town, away from the big city and her former life.

But that job—proving the innocence of a man accused of a double murder—turns out to be more complicated than expected. And so does life in the country outside the small town of Drummond, not least because it’s located near the ruins of New Dominion, a border town that was, decades earlier, the site of a devastating massacre.

Now an ancient evil is rising from the ashes of New Dominion, and Annie, haunted by tragedy and threatened by enemies both human and demonic, must stop its ascension…but will she survive?

Star Trek: The Folded World

Pocket Books, April 2013 (304 pages, $7.99)

ISBN-13: 9781476702827

An original novel set in the universe of Star Trek: The Original Series!

En route to a diplomatic mission, the Enterprise receives a distress call from the USS McRaven. As the Enterprise approaches the area where the McRaven appears to be, the crew encounters an anomaly unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. Space itself seems inconsistent—warping, changing appearance. But during the brief periods of calm, they locate the McRaven—along with other ships of various origins, all tightly surrounding and being held in place by an enormous unidentified vessel....

Star Trek: The Folded World is also available from these fine retailers:

Simon & Schuster

Indiebound Books

Books A Million

Barnes & Noble


Season of the Wolf
DarkFuse, February 2013 (304 pages, $15.99)
ISBN-13: 9781937771614

Season of the Wolf E-book
DarkFuse, February 2013 ($4.99)

When Alex Converse, heir to a coal company fortune, visits Silver Gap, Colorado to make an environmentally themed documentary film, he's hoping to change some minds and to soothe his own troubled conscience. But there's more going on—in his mind, and in Silver Gap—than Alex knows. People are dying and women are disappearing. Some of the killers have fur, fangs, and claws—but some don’t. What is Alex’s connection to the missing women? Will anyone live long enough to find out? And what’s up with those wolves?

Season of the Wolf is a heart-stopping supernatural thriller about climate change, the human capacity for evil, and the epic struggle between a small town’s citizens and impossible creatures from the dawn of history.

Dark Vengeance, Vol. 2
Simon Pulse, May 2012 (448 pages, $10.99)
ISBN-13: 978-1442429765

An unspeakable betrayal. A shocking revelation. The concluding two novels in Jeff Mariotte’s spellbinding series of romance, revenge, and witches—now in one volume!

Kerry never thought she’d fall for a guy like Daniel—and she certainly never expected him to be a witch. He showed her that love and magic are both real. But Daniel also pulled Kerry into a dark feud that has left a trail of blood for centuries. Now Daniel is gone, and Kerry is in danger. Betrayed by the one witch she thought she could trust, Kerry must protect herself—and her friends—with the little magic she’s learned. No one will be safe until the witches’ war is ended. And Kerry is the only one with the power to uncover the truth.

The Devil’s Bait
Malevolent Books, April 2012 (316 pages, $14.99)
ISBN: 978-1-936573-05-9

The Devil's Bait, Audiobook
ILT Publishing, January 2013 ($19.95) ASIN: B00B2QZBKU

The Devil’s Bait, E-book
ILT Publishing, June 2011 (92,000+ words, $2.99)
ISBN: 978-1-4524-6107-6/ASIN: B0058EU3TG

"Fast-paced and gripping, THE DEVIL’S BAIT takes you full-throttle from beginning to end. One heck of a ride!"

--J. Carson Black, best-selling author of DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN and THE SHOP

Jessie Dawn Cutler is a relationship banker, a single woman in Manhattan, climbing the rungs of the high-finance ladder on her way to the top.

Morgan Byrd is an aging mercenary soldier, suffering a crisis of conscience as profound as his bank account is low.

When Jessie’s biggest client is revealed as a criminal and a killer—protected from within and outside the bank—she becomes a target. But Jessie is courageous, resourceful, and when she teams up with Morgan, it’s just possible that both of their lives can be saved...

Bestselling author J. Carson Black (The Shop, Darkness at the Edge of Town) wrote: "Jeffrey J. Mariotte has written a compelling heroine in banker Jessie Dawn Cutler, whose well-ordered world implodes when she witnesses a cold-blooded killing by her biggest client. Now Jessie must pit her courage and resourcefulness against a remorseless killer whose reach is limitless. In this heart-pounding thriller set against the glittering backdrop of international banking, Jessie must hold her own against tremendous odds to survive."

Dark Vengeance, Vol. 1
Simon Pulse, October 2011 (512 pages, $9.99)
ISBN: 9781442429758

Kerry Proffit is having an amazing summer working at a resort on the California coast and hanging out with her summer share housemates. Then an injured stranger lands on their doorstep. Daniel Blessing is a hot guy with a mysterious past, and he’s on the run from a powerful witch named Season. Kerry’s friends don’t think witches and spells are real, yet Kerry can’t help but believe Daniel…and fall for him. But falling for Daniel pulls her into a feud his family has been waging for generations. It’s feud of passion, magic, and revenge, which means all of their lives are in serious danger. Because now Season wants Kerry and her friends dead too.

Nine Frights
Tales of Terror and the Supernatural
ILT Publishing, July 2011 (E-book original, 50,000+ words, $2.99)
ISBN: 978-1-4658-8602-6/ASIN: B005FAKL90

Janey in Amber: A woman visiting her mother’s house encounters some uncomfortable realities about her own life.

Santos del Infierno: In a tale set in the world of Clive Barker’s “Hellbound Hearts” (Hellraiser), a man loses his family and gains a new friend—one with a dark agenda.

The Strip: At the edge of a city plagued by zombies, a small community gathers to try to watch out for one another’s humanity. But when it goes, it’s gone...

Nine short works of terror by award-winning novelist and comic book writer Jeffrey J. Mariotte (The Slab, The Devil’s Bait, the Dark Vengeance Quartet, Missing White Girl, River Runs Red, Cold Black Hearts, four 30 Days of Night novels, and more). Some of these stories have appeared in Hellbound Hearts, The Stories in Between, and Zombie Cop, while others are published here for the first time.

The Slab
ILT Publishing, June 2011 (E-book reprint, 123,000+ words, $2.99)
ISBN: 978-1-4580-3126-6/ASIN: B0054EKU6G

Three veterans of different wars, their lives once saved by magic, find themselves brought together in one of the most strange, remote, and cruel parts of the California desert. As serial killers ply their deadly trade, a young woman, abducted and endangered, seeks her own brand of justice for those who threatened her, and an ancient evil sprouts from beneath desert sands, these three war veterans must learn to embrace the terrifying bond they share. Written in powerful prose as dry and dangerous as its desert setting, The Slab, for all its horrors, is ultimately an epic tale of hope and redemption.

CSI: The Burning Season
Pocket Star, June 2011 (336 pages, $7.99)
ISBN: 978-1439160879

It’s a hot, early autumn evening in the small resort town of Mount Charleston, NV, where six firefighters are battling a massive blaze that threatens expensive homes . . . a blaze that will cost them their lives. Initially, the police determine that the fire was human-started, and the state wants to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law with six counts of homicide. Now the team of Sin City’s finest criminologists, led by Catherine Willows, are assigned to work a crime scene far from the glittering lights and 24/7 spectacle of the Las Vegas Strip, and soon find much more than they bargained for. . . . Meanwhile, Ray Langston and Nick Stokes are called to a crime scene where a dog has taken a key piece of evidence—a severed human hand—under a suburban home’s crawl space. What’s even more disturbing is that it’s not the first severed hand that’s turned up lately—there have been four other incidents around Las Vegas over the past twelve months. . . .

City Under the Sand: A Dark Sun Novel
Wizards of the Coast, October 2010 (416 pages, $7.99)
ISBN: 978-0786956234

City Under the Sand: A Dark Sun Novel, Audiobook
Audible Frontiers, January 2013 ($24.95) ASIN: B00AUX4D96

Aric, a half-elf with a rare natural ability with the psionic discipline known as “the Way,” must find his place in a world ruled by the tyranny of evil sorcerer kings, and dominated by the savage wilds of the Athasian desert, a world presided over by the unrelenting crimson eye of Dark Sun®.

When Aric is brought into a quest to search for a priceless trove weapons, he would rather keep his head down and live a simple life. But nothing is simple in the city of Nibenay with it reclusive ruler known as the Shadow King. And in a world where metal is the rarest of commodities, Aric’s “way” with metal is an even rarer talent.

Enlisted by the Shadow King himself to seek out this cache of metal weaponry, Aric heads into the desert with a treacherous band of adventurers. Allegiances are tested and secrets are uncovered. But sometimes the secrets hidden by the sands of time should remain undiscovered.

When Aric and his band uncover an evil perhaps greater than the Shadow King himself, it is a race against time to see who will harness its power.

Criminal Minds: Serial Killers, Sociopaths & Other Deviants
Wiley, August 2010 (297 pages, $17.95)
ISBN: 978-0-470-63625-1

Most episodes of CBS's Criminal Minds series feature a briefing where the profiling team defines the type of criminal they are looking for by examining behavior patterns that were established in actual criminal cases. Now author Jeff Mariotte takes us deeper into the BAU process by revealing the evil behind some of the most heinous murderers, sexual predators, and psychopaths in history. In this authorized companion to the hit TV series, you'll learn how real-life criminals committed their unspeakable crimes and follow the investigators who finally tracked them down. Mariotte explains why and how profilers organize major offenders into types and why each of these perpetrators falls into a particular category. You'll get the stories behind:

Solo serial killers, such as David Berkowitz, Zodiac, and Henry Lee Lucas

Sexual predators who preyed on women and girls, such as Dennis Rader and Gary Ridgway, and those who preyed on men and boys, such as John Wayne Gacy

Killers with famous victims, such as John Hinckley, Robert John Bardo, and Mark David Chapman

Cannibals and vampirists, such as Jeffrey Dahmer

Traveling killers, such as Ted Bundy

Female killers, such as Aileen Wuornos

Family annihilators, such as John List, Mark Barton, and the Menendez brothers

And many more

Featuring stunning photos from the CBS series, Criminal Minds: Sociopaths, Serial Killers, and Other Deviants will give you new terrifying and fascinating insights into the mind of a criminal.

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Blood Quantum
Pocket Star, February 2010 (320 pages, $7.99)

Following a free-spending night at an exclusive Las Vegas nightclub, the chairman of the Grey Rock Paiute Tribe is found brutally murdered in his home, a cryptic message scrawled on a wall in his own blood. Soon, crime scene investigators Ray Langston and Nick Stokes have their hands full with a growing mystery -- already surrounded by controversy, the victim appears to have met his end from a crime of revenge, but the chairman's inner circle isn't talking about who or why...quickly leading to an escalation of violent retribution....

At the same time, Catherine Willows and Greg Sanders investigate the mysterious shooting of a homeless man on the palatial estate of Helena Cameron -- the widow of one of Sin City's first casino tycoons. At first, it seems like an open-and-shut case of trespassing and self-defense...but the CSIs soon uncover layer upon layer of heartbreak and tragedy in connection to a family keeping secrets as old as Las Vegas itself....

30 Days of Night: Light of Day
Pocket Star, September 2009 (336 pages, $7.99)
ISBN-13: 978-1439122273

A terrifying species of legend that exists in shadow and thrives in night, preying on and intriguing an unsuspecting modern world - An amoral, clandestine government operation that uses whatever means necessary to inflict maximum damage upon one of the most frightening and demonized forces humanity has ever encountered - And all of mankind is threatened by the chain of events set in motion by this unrestrained conflict, and the ripple effects of a new element to the hostilities will forever alter the rules of engagement....

CSI: Brass in Pocket
Pocket Star, August 2009 (336 pages, $7.99)
ISBN-13: 978-1-4165-4517-0

Far from the glittering lights and 24/7 spectacle of the Strip, the Las Vegas Crime Lab's team of investigators is gearing up for a rough night ahead.... A brutal shooting at a cheap motel may be business as usual for CSIs Catherine Willows and Nick Stokes, but as they process the crime scene and quickly identify the victim as a noted local private investigator, nothing could prepare them for the shock of finding physical evidence belonging to none other than Detective Jim Brass.... Meanwhile, CSIs Greg Sanders and Riley Adams are called to a nearby airport where they must face the ultimate locked room mystery: how a pilot flying solo in a small private plane wound up murdered while miles above the ground....

Cold Black Hearts
Jove Books, June 2009 (320 pages, $7.99)
ISBN-13: 978-0-515-14626-4

Cold Black Hearts, Audiobook
ILT Publishing, October 2011 ($12.59) ASIN: B006FKPG76

The ruins on the border of New Mexico and Mexico were once the bustling town of New Dominion. But in 1933, most of its population was massacred--and no one was ever arrested for the brutal crime.

Now, the land once known as New Dominion is the site of more recent murders. Former police detective Annie O’Brien, blessed-or cursed-with a heightened sense of empathy, is conducting the investigation. Staying alone in an old house near the desolate remains of the town, she finds herself haunted by the tragedies that occurred there-tragedies that threaten to overwhelm her unusual gift even as New Dominion threatens to rise from the ashes

Spider-Man: Requiem
Pocket Star, October 2008 (320 pages, $7.99)
ISBN-13: 978-1416510789

A previously unknown translation of an ancient grimoire, the Darkhold, has been unearthed by archaeologists in South America. But this chilling discovery will have far-reaching effects. Halfway across the globe, the Darkhold is relentlessly pursued by the Cabal of Scrier, an organization devoted to achieving ultimate power through whatever means necessary. And it is through their actions that a darkness from beyond the grave will return to haunt the Spectacular Spider-Man in the form of one of the most frightening and dangerous foes he's ever encountered....

River Runs Red
Jove Books, October 2008 (336 pages, $6.99)
ISBN-13 : 9780515144772

Within a labyrinth of caves in a small Texas town on the Rio Grande, among walls adorned with ancient Indian petroglyphs, lies a pool of strange, luminescent water

Twenty years ago, an anthropologist unknowingly unleashed an otherworldly force of a malevolent nature here. Three teenagers Wade, Molly, and Byrd spent time in the caves, unaware of the entity that inhabited them. Now they’ve been inexplicably drawn back to the site and will confront not only their pasts, but also one another as combatants in a supernatural war flowing across the globe through the raging currents of the world’s rivers

For more on River Runs Red, see the special River Runs Red section of this website!

CSI: Miami: Right to Die
Pocket Star, August 2008 (352 pages, $7.99)
ISBN-13: 9780743499545

A drug buy goes bad, an innocent bystander is fatally shot, and a local gang blames a rival gang and vows vengeance. Caine and the members of his team have to find out the identity of the shooter in order to stop a gang war. Meanwhile, a domestic terrorist who goes by the name "Baby Boomer" blows up the home of a prominent Miami doctor. The Feds are asking for Caine's help in locating the bomber. The team is stretched to the limits with these high-profile cases, all fodder for round-the-clock media coverage.

30 Days of Night: Eternal Damnation (with Steve Niles)
Pocket Star, July 2008 (304 pages, $7.99)
ISBN-13: 978-0743496537

Raising the stakes in an already perilous situation, the elite members of a clandestine government sect have taken it upon themselves to become the arbiters of pain and violence against one of the most terrifying forces humanity has ever encountered. But there will be a heavy—and horrifying—final price to pay for both sides of an inhuman struggle that now threatens to spill over into an unsuspecting world…

Supernatural: Witch's Canyon
Harper Entertainment, November 2007 (355 pages, $7.99)
ISBN: 9780061370915

Twenty-two years ago, Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother to a mysterious and demonic supernatural force. In the years after, their father, John, taught them about the paranormal evil that lives in the dark corners and on the back roads of America…and he taught them how to kill it.

Sam and Dean have set out on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, but this is no vacation for the brothers. On a stretch of deserted ranchland just beyond the canyon's stunning vistas, mysterious murder sprees have occurred every forty years. The area's inhabitants have been few and far between in years past, but a nearby mega-mall is about to celebrate its grand opening––and attract thousands of fresh victims.

The Winchester boys are determined to protect locals and shoppers alike, but they never anticipated they'd be fighting a group of killers this vicious, this vindictive, this … dead. A deadly horde of animal spirits and human ghosts has arisen to terrorize this tiny corner of the Arizona desert. If Sam and Dean can't figure out why, the wide-open spaces of the West will once again become a desolate frontier … and the witch's canyon will be the brothers' final resting place.

30 Days of Night: Immortal Remains (with Steve Niles)
Pocket Star, August 2007 (367 pages, $7.99)
ISBN: 9780743496520

Existing in shadow, thriving in night, a terrifying serial killer stalks the residential streets of Savannah, Georgia—one whose brutal signature is now drawing the attention of other denizens of darkness, for better or worse. But there is more than meets the eye here, and the horrifying truth behind these savage killings is about to be revealed—a truth that has dire implications for the very future of the mortal world...

Missing White Girl
Jove, May 2007 (320 pages, $6.99)
ISBN: 9780515143089

Lulu Lavender has been kidnapped. Her family has been brutally murdered. With the sheriff's office consumed by a high-profile case of a missing white teenager from a prominent family, it falls to Patrol Lieutenant Buck Shelton to investigate Lulu's abduction.

The trail leads Buck to the Arizona/Mexico border and a dark world of bizarre supernatural forces, desperate power seekers, vigilantes and drug dealers, and ultimately to a bloody showdown between good and evil—with an innocent girl caught in the crossfire….

For more on Missing White Girl, see the special Missing White Girl section!

Las Vegas: Sleight of Hand
Pocket Star, April 2007 (304 pages, $7.99)
ISBN: 9781416516798

Making sure a multimillion-dollar operation like the Montecito runs smoothly is a challenge on a good day. When the casino is overrun by a Western trade show called Stampede!, that job gets even tougher. Complicating matters is an imminent visit by a German business magnate, who will be making a televised speech from the Montecito that could have far-reaching political and economic ramifications. So while Mike Cannon is tapped to investigate the theft of some very…precious…merchandise from the Stampede! floor, Ed and Danny have their hands full coordinating safety measures with the German's private security force and the Secret Service. And when Danny uncovers the blueprint for what appears to be an assassination plot, the Montecito team must race to prevent a lethal incident of international proportions.

DC Universe: Trail of Time
Hachette Book Group, March 2007 (343 pages, $6.99)
ISBN: 9780446616591

Living in a dark world of terror alerts and censored media, Clark Kent has no memory of being anything other than human-until the Phantom Stranger appears to tell him that he is really Superman, and that all of Earth has fallen prey to malevolent magic. For 1,500 years, three evil sorcerers have been casting a spell to warp reality, pervert the flow of Time, and render superheroes helpless. Now the heroes, helped by four legends of the Old West, must launch desperate manhunts through history's worst massacres. For these wizards are fueling their power with human blood-even as they wait to destroy Superman in temporal death traps...

Las Vegas: High Stakes Game
Pocket Star Books, April 2006 (400 pages, $7.99)
ISBN: 9781416516781

Summer. The Montecito has been demolished, and its tight-knit staff has been similarly dismantled, scattered to the four winds. Big Ed and Nessa find intrigue in London, as they try to solve the mystery of her father's fate....

While running his dad's construction company, Danny learns that his ex-fiancee Mary is in danger, and takes it upon himself to do something about it....

Mike is working at a rival casino, but when he uncovers a suspicious plot afoot, he finds himself becoming the boy who cried wolf....

Delinda takes on the challenge of managing an exclusive nightclub, but her tempestuous relationship with a pro football player causes unforeseen troubles....

And Sam scrambles to reestablish her reputation (and her bank account).

Find out everything you missed during the long hot summer when Danny and his friends struggled to go their separate ways.

Age of Conan: Marauders Volume III "Dawn of the Ice Bear"
Ace Books, May 2006 (240 pages, $6.99)
ISBN: 9780441013920

The young Pictish warrior Kral, aided by his loyal cadre of friends, sails off to the sinister and dangerous realm of Stygia, on the trail of the holy relic that cold save his people--the Teeth of the Ice Bear. Yet even after enduring perils beyond their darkest dreams, they find that part of their prize is missing--stolen by the duplicitous warrior-thief, Conor.

Journeying into the heart of the Cimmerian wilderness in the dead of winter, Kral and his companions search for their traitorous former comrade even as the enraged Picts wage a desperate, doomed war against the great King Conan himself.

Beset by enemies on all fronts, Kral must fight for possession of the Teeth of the Ice Bear if he is to save his people from utter annihilation, and claim a destiny he could never have dreamed of...

read more about Jeff's history with Conan here

Age of Conan: Marauders Volume II "Winds of the Wild Sea"
Ace Books, March 2006 (240 pages, $6.99)
ISBN: 9780441013869

In the bustling city of Tarantia, the young Pictish warrior Kral has been imprisoned after slaughtering a cadre of city Rangers and Aquilonian soldiers, while his friends Alanya and Donial struggle to find safety in the labyrinthian city streets.

But Kral's search for the Teeth of the Ice Bear-and his assaults on those who stole it-have caught the attention of King Conan himself. There are rumors he is sending a mighty force to Kral's homeland to crush the presumed Pictish rebellion, even as the Picts themselves are on the verge of launching a campaign that will drench the land in blood.

Now, Kral and his companions must follow the trail of the Teeth through the back alley shadows of Tarantia, to the halls of King Conan, and across the seas where their greatest challenge awaits them...

read more about Jeff's history with Conan here

30 Days of Night: Rumors of the Undead (with Steve Niles)
Pocket Star Books, March 2006 (401 pages, $7.99)
ISBN: 9780743496513

FBI Special Agent Gray used to have a grip on things. But that was before the violent confrontation with the terrifying creature that had once been his former partner and friend turned his world upside down. Now Gray is looking for answers, and finding only more questions, all of which seem to lead straight to the backwater town of Barrow, Alaska-a place that has seen its own share of horror. Andy Gray has no idea what he's gotten himself intoˆëand he's about to find out just how dangerous the stuff of legend can actually be...

Age of Conan: Marauders "Ghost of the Wall"
Ace Books, January 2006 (228 pages, $6.99)
ISBN: 9780441013791

In the borderlands of Koronaka, there is a tenuous peace between the settlers and the uncivilized Picts of the Bear Clan. An envoy of the king arrives to secure and spread such harmony all along the Westermarck-bringing with him his headstrong daughter, Alanya.

Alanya's free spirit catches the attention of Kral-a Pictish warrior just coming of age-who is fascinated by her beauty and courage. Meeting in secret, they form an unlikely bond. But when they are discovered, the results are tragic, as Kral returns to his village to find his clan slaughtered-and their sacred crown stolen.

Aided by Alanya and a circle of allies, Kral embarks on a quest against those who destroyed his people, and the tyrant who took the precious Teeth of the Ice Bear. And to do so, he must become his enemy's worst nightmare.

He must become a ghost...

read more about Jeff's history with Conan here

Andromeda: The Attitude of Silence
Tor books, April 2005 (272 pages, $24.95)
Hardcover, ISBN: 0-765-30487-2
Also in paperback, ISBN 9780765344113, $6.99

It seemed too good to be true...

When marauding ships attack the Andromeda Ascendant, the Andromeda crew, desperate to save their ship, slipstream to a world called Festival, which fends off their mysterious attackers and welcomes the crew with open arms. The crew couldn't be happier. Festival wishes to join the Commonwealth, and, as its name implies, is a safe haven, a perfect place for relaxing and indulging in life's finer pleasures.

But there's something not quite right about Festival. Captain Dylan Hunt is suspicious of the large number of armed soldiers who are ostensibly providing security for their visit. And when his crew finds a big underground bash, the revelers seem more tense than happy. Dylan and crew uncover a diabolical scheme seething beneath the planet's utopian faade: Festival's planetary government is really a powerful militant regime bent on forcing neighboring worlds to join the new Commonwealth against their own volition.

Before the Andromeda crew can do anything about Festival's strong-arm tactics, they receive a distress call from a renowned peace ambassador whose ship is being attacked by space pirates. In a bloody battle, Dylan and his crew defeat the attacking pirates. After the smoke clears, they learn from the ambassador the rulers of Festival don't just want to join the Commonwealth . . . they want to rule it! Suddenly, Festival seems like the Andromeda's worst nightmare. Captain Hunt and the crew have their hands full escaping from the clutches of Festival's power-hungry government, and trying to keep the peace within the Commonwealth.

Witch Season: Spring
Simon Pulse, March 2005 (240 pages, $5.99)
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 9780689867262

See the Witch Season page for more details!
Pocket Star, February 2005 (256 pages, $6.99)
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 9780743497565

When he was a boy, Tim Jensen knew the true meaning of fear, for it haunted his nights and set in motion the tragic events that would steal his sanity, take his youth, and shape the rest of his life. These days, Tim gets by most of the time... with the past still casting a long shadow over the muted sense of normalcy that he has struggled for as an adult. But lurking in the dim-lit corners of his world, hiding within the darkest recesses of his senses, something that may or may not be a figment of Tim's imagination is watching -- and waiting. The waking nightmare that has lasted more than fifteen years may have only just begun....

Witch Season: Winter
Simon Pulse, December 2004 ( 276 pages, $5.99 )
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 9780689867255

See the Witch Season page for more details!
Witch Season: Fall
Simon Pulse, September 2004 ( 292 pages, $5.99 )
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 9780689867248

See the Witch Season page for more details!
Angel: Love and Death
Simon Spotlight Entertainment, September 2004 (295 pages, $5.99)
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 9780689870859

Incited by an outspoken radio host named Mac Lindley, hordes of monster killers have descended upon the Los Angeles area. They're out to rid the city of the demons that have overrun it, and they'll stop at nothing less than destroying every last one of these demonic creatures--as quickly and as bloodily as possible.But to Angel Investigations, these angry mobs are more of a hindrance than a help. At first they know nothing of the invasion: Cordy's heard bits and pieces, but everyone's investigative attentions are turned to solving the case of a family, new to L.A. from Iowa, who've been murdered together as Angel raced to save them. But then Lorne is attacked and Connor disappears, and Angel realizes that these demon hunters don't know the difference between a demon who's on the side of good and one who's just out for blood. None of them is safe from this rabid pack of do-gooders...not even the vampire with a soul...

Charmed: Survival of the Fittest
Simon Spotlight Entertainment, August 2004 (227 pages, $5.99)
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 9780689868528

Alien abduction fever has gripped San Francisco. People everywhere are reporting loved ones missing...only to have them show up at home with no recollection of having been gone. The Charmed Ones can't help but become involved, especially when Phoebe receives a letter to her advice column from a woman who's convinced her sister was "taken." The victim says she was just out, but since she's returned, she's developed an almost demonic devotion to a new workout program. The workout program in question, created by Meg Winship, has become incredibly popular in the Bay Area. Even Piper, after seeing an infomercial, suddenly finds herself jogging to the "Winship Way." Luckily there's a rally being held in San Francisco in the next few days. Meg Winship herself will appear to further inspire and thank her new disciples. If there's something supernatural involved, as the sisters suspect, the fitness fiesta is their best bet to figure out who--or what--is in charge of the chaos.

Witch Season: Summer
Simon Pulse, July 2004 ( 301 pages, $5.99 )
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 9780689866654

See the Witch Season page for more details!
Star Trek: The Lost Era--Deny Thy Father
Pocket Books, December 2003, ( 351 pages, $6.99 )
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 9780743464093

THE YEARS ARE 2355-2357. Two men. Both defined by the personal tragedy that drove them apart. Both driven by their desire to serve, and their devotion to duty. Both haunted by the past, and uncertain of the future.... And both unable to reach across the chasm that separates father and son. In the wake of the Tholian attack that nearly cost him his life, civilian strategic consultant Kyle Riker becomes the target on an apparent conspiracy within Starfleet Command, forcing him off Earth and beyond Federation territory to defeat the attempts on his life. But danger is never far off, even on a backwater world where Kyle's very name brings the promise of death. At the same time, the Starfleet career of Kyle's estranged son William Riker is underway in earnest, from his turbulent formative years at the Academy to his first perilous missions as an ensign aboard the Starship Pegasus. And even as Kyle searches for the truth behind the events that have made him a fugitive, Will is pursued as well--by a family legacy he fears he will never escape.

Angel: Solitary Man
Simon Pulse, December 2003 (292 pages, $5.99)
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 9780689860157

Widow Mildred Finster is a life-long fan of "cozy" mystery novels. She decides at the tender age of seventy-one that she'd like to become a real private detective. She finds a card for Angel Investigations and thinks the name sounds very sweet. After all, she loves angels. What could be more perfect? Angel and the gang are hip-deep in their own personal problems, so when Mildred offers her services, they don't have much time for her. And when a truckload of antiquities from a local mission is stolen, they don't get too worked up over what they think is a simple theft. But the arrival of some ruthless killers from overseas finally gets the gang's attention. Now they are being followed at every turn by a well-meaning old lady, fighting off attacks from poltergeists, and trying to set their personal differences aside to defeat a supernatural foe before a centuries-old mystery reaches its final chapter.

The Slab
IDW Publishing, September 2003, ( 248 pages, $16.99 )
Illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards
Fiction/suspense/horror, ISBN: 978S1932382075

THE SLAB is an epic of horror and dark suspense by Jeff Mariotte, the Stoker and International Horror Guild Award-nominated author of more than a dozen novels, including some set in the universe of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. In the grim days following 9/11, three veterans of different wars whose lives were saved during those wars--and intersected again since--by magic, find themselves brought together in one of the most remote, strange, and cruel parts of the California desert. As a cadre of serial killers ply their deadly trade and an ancient evil grows beneath desert sands, these three must discover and understand the terrifying bond that they share. Written in powerful prose as dry and dangerous as its desert setting, THE SLAB, for all its horrors, is ultimately a tale of hope and redemption. For more, check out The Slab section!

Charmed: Mirror Image
Simon Pulse, July 2003, ( 224 pages, $5.99 )
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 9780689857904

Phoebe Halliwell is stunned when her latest vision involves her younger half sister, Paige. The vision reveals to her that Paige is actually an imposter who will infiltrate the Power of Three and break it apart. However, Piper is dismissive when she learns of Phoebe's concerns--so much so that Cole and Leo end up taking sides as well. Before long, all involved are on edge. Paige senses that her sisters are acting strangely around her, so when she meets Timothy McBride, an attractive young stranger who purports to be a witch, she decides not to tell them. She wants to have something of her own, separate from her Charmed duties. Secrets are estranging the sisters from one another, and the timing isn't good. Women are turning up all over the city, dead by supernatural causes. The perpetrator may be linked to the sisters' past--but if they can't work together, they might not be able to stop him.

Angel: Sanctuary
Simon Pulse, April 2003, ( $5.99 )
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 9780689856648

Angel and Co. are enjoying a rare moment of relaxation at the karaoke bar Caritas when a loud explosion draws the gang--and the rest of the bar's patrons--outside. A building across the way is on fire, but the conflagration is nothing more than a diversionary tactic to distract people from a drive-by shooting! And when the smoke clears, Fred is missing. It's obvious she's been kidnapped, so Angel, Lorne, Cordy, Wes, and Gunn set about questioning everyone within the immediate radius. At least ten demons were direct eyewitnesses. On problem, though: Each tells a different story of what he, she, or it saw. It could have been gng warfare, monster style, or Fred could have wandered home without saying good-bye. One thing quickly becomes clear: Demons don't make for the most reliable sources...

Angel: Endangered Species (with Nancy Holder)
Simon Pulse, October 2002, ( $5.99 )
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 9780689862106

Cordelia Chase is accustomed to being rocked by visions courtesy of The Powers That Be, but she is particularly disturbed to be visited by the image of Faith--whose recent incarceration is the least of her problems. Angel heads off to jail to check on the once-rogue warrior, who admits to having noticed various supernatural creepies but can't really investigate for fear of giving away her Slayer status.

The picture becomes clearer when Chaz Escobar, a one-time game hunter, explains that he is searching for his wife Marianna, a vampire, who he suspects of being the monster harassing Faith. When Faith is magically sprung from jail--straight into Marianna's clutches--Angel, Gunn, Wesley, Cordy and Chaz are off to Fantasy Island, where they discover that Chaz's secondary goal is to rid the world of vampires--even those with a soul...

Angel: Stranger To The Sun
Simon Pulse, June 2002, ( 304 pages, $5.99 )
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 9780743427524

When Wesley opens a package that arrives special delivery, he is instantly sent into a coma-like slumber. It's obvious he has fallen victim to a spell, and Angel sets off with Gunn to get to the bottom of things. But everyone in a position to assist -- magick-shop owners and even traditional authorities like policemen -- have also been hit by the supernatural sandman. Cordelia, meanwhile, is on research duty, which is harder without Wes around. Some of his colleagues have clued her in to a plot -- vampire, natch -- to plunge the Earth into constant darkness, so that they might reassert their power without fear of daylight. She wants to help prevent this, but while she tends to Wesley it becomes clear that he is in the throes of a terrifying nightmare. If she can't rouse him, it may be the end -- for him, as well as the rest of humankind....

Angel: The Casefiles, Volume One (with Nancy Holder and Maryelizabeth Hart)

For a hundred years, Angel offered an ugly death to everyone he met. And he did it with a song in his heart. A Gypsy curse put a stop to his rampage, but his doomed love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer drove him from Sunnydale on his own quest for redemption. Fortunately, he's not alone. His support system includes Cordelia Chase, ex-May Queen (just until her inevitable stardom takes effect), Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Rogue Demon Hunter, and Gunn (Charles Gunn. His name, not his street tag). Their rates are low, and their logo is indecipherable—but they save people, and stuff.

Now, go behind the scenes with your favorite broody vamp for all of the exclusive dirt. Featuring:

  • Exclusive in-depth interviews with cast and crew
  • An introduction by Supervising Producer Tim Minear
  • Episode "dossiers"
  • Character files
  • Notable quotes
  • Color photo inserts

and more! The Casefiles, Vol. 1—the companion on everything essentially Angel!

Angel: Haunted

Cordelia gets a gig on a television reality show—all she has to do is stay inside a haunted house longer than her fellow contestants. Which, hey—Phantom Dennis!—shouldn't be a problem for her. But when she has a vision, after she's officially inside the house and inaccessible to the outside world, it becomes a problem...she still has to figure out a way to let Angel know that a friend is in trouble! With Cordelia in the haunted house, Angel, Wesley and Gunn find themselves up against a sinister law firm offering their wealthiest clients a truly evil fringe benefit. Oh...and Doyle's in it too...

Gen13: Time and Chance (with Scott Ciencin)
Ace Books 0-441-00856-9 $5.99

Five teenagers brought together by the covert organization I/O to become the United States government's next generation of super-powered operatives: Gen13. Unwilling to be I/O's pawns, the teens escaped the organization's clutches with the help of renegade agent John Lynch, who soon became their mentor and friend.

But now I.O. has been disbanded—and a dangerous new enemy threatens Gen13's existence. A villain known only as Wager has obtained on the black market the top secret Gen Factor formula that gave Gen13 its powers and is planning to use it to gain control of the New York City underworld! To stop the growing crime spree that is destroying New York City, Gen13 has to find Wager. And that is exactly what Wager wants...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: Unseen Book One--The Burning (with Nancy Holder)
Pocket Books 0-7434-1893-X $6.99

It's summertime in Sunnydale, and Salma de la Natividad, a friend of Buffy's from Sunnydale High, needs help. She and her family immigrated to America, and now she fears her brother, in an attempt to gain social acceptance, has stumbled into supernatural gang warfare. To make matters worse, an unknown creature has been doing a little night stalking. Buffy is certain that this new demonic presence has its roots in L.A.—Angel's turf. So with the help of the Slayerettes, she heads off to battle demons—both actual and personal.

Meanwhile, in the City of Angels, Cordelia stumbles upon a vampire-worshiping cult of runaways as Angel investigates an invisible presence wreaking havoc in the local prisons.

Now Buffy and pals must deal with identity crises of their own. Buffy may be the Chosen One, but she is, ultimately, expendable. Angel is unique, yet his particular status isolates him from humanity and monsters alike. So while all wonder—do I make a difference?—the humans and demons who surround them answer that question in astonishing ways...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: Unseen Book Two--Door to Alternity (with Nancy Holder)
Pocket Books 0-7434-1894-8 $6.99

In Los Angeles, Angel and Buffy compare notes and realize that both are dealing with cases of missing teenagers—most of them children of the rich and powerful. Coincidence? They don't think so. But when Buffy checks in with Giles, she learns that prime-time doomsday has hit Sunnydale, taking precedence over the gang warfare in L.A.

Back in her hometown, Buffy finds the doorway through which the monsters are gaining all-access passes to our universe. Renegade scientists have discovered how to open the portals from one reality to the next, which could explain where the teens are hidden. But when you're operating near a hellmouth, opening dimensional portals is a tricky business: you never know who—or what—you're going to attract. With the lives of the kidnapped teens and one dangerously talented young woman at stake, Buffy and Angel join forces to do battle in the uncharted dimension....

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: Unseen Book Three--Long Way Home (with Nancy Holder)
Pocket Books 0-7434-1895-6 $6.99

Buffy and Angel find themselves launched into a frightening reality where fierce dragons and other fairy-tale monstrosities rule supreme. Once they locate each other, they rally the missing teens—including Salma—and attempt to make their way through the interdimensional portal back to Sunnydale. Little do they know that two unlikely allies have also come through to this alternity: Spike and the rogue Slayer, Faith, both with their own respective—and complicated—MOs.

Back in L.A., gang violence and vigilantism are at a fever pitch. The Slayerettes—now an extended unit—are holding down the fort, awaiting Buffy and Angel's return. But Slayer and Vampire are feeling moral conflict that rivals the physical strain of demon-slaying: each wonders if a reality exists where their love could have survived. And when one of the duo's charges is suddenly killed, the portal to Sunnydale is sealed. Now, before they can worry about ridding their own universe of supernatural chaos, they've got to find a way to get back to it...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Watcher's Guide, Vol. 2 (with Nancy Holder and Maryelizabeth Hart)
Pocket Books 0-671-04260-2 $17.95

Dig into it: all new character profiles, episode guides, quotables, and more—a fully updated volume filled with the latest dirt on your favorite cemetery-hopper!

The Mayor, Faith, Mr. Trick, Angel's return, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, snow in Sunnydale, Graduation Day, Zachary Kralick, the end of the world—again!, Spike, Veruca, Tara, Maggie Walsh, The Initiative, Adam—and much, much more!

  • The Buffyverse: The World According to Buffy Summers.
  • Everybody Hurts: In Sunnydale, love can be downright scary.
  • Anarchy in the USA: How Buffy and Giles came to be footloose and Council-free.
  • Power Girls: Buffy, Kendra, Faith—wasn't it supposed to be "Chosen One?"
  • Bonus: Creating Buffy: From brainstorm, to script, to genius on the small screen—with a few tiny detours along the way. Go behind the scenes for Season Four's pivotal episode "The I in Team" and catch all the action, from scouting locations to running lines with the stellar cast to music editing—it's all inside!

"After days of barreling through nearly 500 pages of Buffy the Vampire Slayer lore, I'm exhausted. Facts and quotes are spinning through my head. Past angst and future possibilities are blending together in an effects-laden extravaganza not unlike the time-travel sequences in Star Trek IV. I know more about Jonathan, Harmony, and Larry than I ever expected to know about Buffy, Angel, and Willow themselves.

When faced with page 472 of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Watcher's Guide, Volume 2, I can only lift my weary head to mutter hoarsely: "Is there such a thing as too much information?"

But who am I kidding? If you're a Buffy fan, you know the only real answer to that is "no." Luckily for us, the Guide's writers understand, and in the foreword they cite the goal to include "everything we believe a true fan desires to know."

And did they ever succeed."

Angel: Hollywood Noir
Pocket Pulse 0-7434-0697-4 $5.99

At a Hollywood construction site, a decayed corpse is the harbinger of a supernatural evil, while at Angel Investigations, Doyle's latest vision leads him to a puzzling address. He, Angel, and Cordelia start tracking down the real McCoy: a cigarette girl named Betty McCoy. But they're not the only ones to do so. There's a new P.I. in town—Mike Slade—who dresses and acts as though entrenched in the era when lounge singers, swing dancing, and martinis first made the Hollywood night scene. The golden age of the silver screen. Tinseltown.

Still, Mike's agenda is thoroughly modern—he has a long-standing bone to pick with the local officials. Now Angel and his team find that their research leads them directly to Slade, and some files that are strictly L.A. confidential. But what do a cigarette girl, a water commissioner, and a slew of disappearing demons have in common?

"Hollywood Noir is another highly enjoyable Angel novel. Mariotte's original characters are well-drawn, although perhaps a little more attention could have been paid to the main villain of the piece. The regular cast are also handled well, with Cordy, Doyle and Kate Lockley getting decent slices of the action. For large chunks, Hollywood Noir could even be a regular detective novel, although it is written better than your average potboiler."

Angel: Close to the Ground
Pocket Pulse 9780671041472 $5.99

Greed. Fear. Anger. All, technically, human emotions. But Angel's a demon, not a saint, and he's not immune to human emotions. So when big-shot Hollywood studio head Jack Willitts offers him huge sums of cash in exchange for guarding his overprivileged daughter, Karinna, the Dark Avenger takes the gig. After all, as Cordy and Doyle point out eagerly—there's rent to pay. And Willitts can certainly foot the bill.

After accompanying Karinna to several trendy nightspots, Angel writes her off as a spoiled brat. Cordy thinks Angel's too personally involved in the case, but the situation is worse than they suspect. Karinna's in trouble and suddenly Angel and company are being pursued by an unidentifiable creature, bent on destroying everything between it and what it wants most in the world.

Before long, Angel finds himself trapped within a supernatural struggle for power, fame...and immortality.

"Jeff Mariotte, fresh from The Xander Years Volume 2 and co-authoring the much anticipated Watcher's Guide 2 shows an excellent understanding of the main cast (Cordy's big Hollywood break is a delight and deserves to be incorporated into the show) but also finds time to explore disturbing themes and human failings.

Don't be fooled when plotlines seem to wither and die towards the end of the book...everything is there for a reason and clicks satisfyingly into place at the conclusion.

Golden and Holder are considered the king and queen of the Buffy novels. Looks like they may have to budge over to make room for prince Mariotte!"

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Xander Years, vol. 2
Pocket Pulse 0-671-03920-2 $4.99

Most teens have trouble finding themselves now and then, but when you're living on a hellmouth, "trouble" is an understatement—especially if you're Xander Harris. He has never been very popular, and has never had much luck with women, but he is uniquely Xander.

After a Sunnydale High field trip to the zoo, Xander becomes obnoxious and aggressive. Giles thinks it's typical adolescent male behavior, but Buffy knows better. And when he finally scores "cool" points by making the swim team, he's thrown into the middle of something, well...fishy.

Still, once Xander is excluded from the Slayer's most recent anti-apocalyptic campaign, he finds himself battling his own private evil—and saving Sunnydale High from a fate it never imagined.

Gen13: Netherwar (with Christopher Golden)
Ace Books 0-441-00621-3 $5.99

Five teenagers brought together by the covert organization I/O to become the United States government's next generation of super-powered operatives: Gen13. Unwilling to be I/O's pawns, the teens escaped the organization's clutches with the help of renegade agent John Lynch, who soon became their mentor and friend.

Now, in their greatest adventure, the young heroes must stop the operatives of I/O from gaining access to the demonic power of the Hellgate—and possibly from destroying the world as well!

STAR TREK™ © 2004 Paramount Pictures.
Gen13 is ® and © WildStorm Productions, an imprint of DC Comics.
CHARMED™ © 2004 Spelling Television, Inc.
BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER™ & ANGEL™ © 2004 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation