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Panel One.

They go into the ruin.  The doorways are small, made for people much shorter than them.  Brood is looking inside one of the rooms, while Abby looks at a pot she's found.  Race stands back, looking up at the multilevel structure.  Ladders lean here and there, connecting layers.  There's rubble everywhere -- the place was well built, but somewhere around 1000 a.d. -- much of it has fallen down.

1. Race:              Impressive place.  I've known buildings in Chicago that weren't built as solidly.

Panel Two.

Abby holds up the exquisite pot.

2. Abby:              Beautiful craftsmanship, too.

Panel Three.

Jerome looks around at the buildings.

3. Jerome:            (a) I seen some Pueblo villages, not too far from here.  Looked some like this, but not so old.  This here looks plumb ancient.

                             (b) Got anything this old in Chicago, Race?

Panel Four.

All three of them look -- but Race is nowhere to be seen.

4. Jerome:              Race?

5. Gideon:              Where'd he...?


Panel One.

A big panel, as the three of them look about for the missing Race.

1. Gideon:              Kennedy!

2. Abby:                 (a) Race!

                              (b) Damn him.  Just like a little kid, always wandering off!

Panel Two.

Jerome starts up a ladder.

3. Jerome:              He's gotta be somewhere.  Reckon we should    split up and track him down.

4. Gideon:             (a) I ain't sure splittin' up's a good idea.

                              (b) Abby, foller Betts.

Panel Three.

She starts to reach for the ladder, but stops, repelled.

5. Abby:              Why's it so cold there?

Panel Four.

Gideon joins her, holding his hand out toward the ladder.

6. Gideon:             (a) It is cold.

                              (b) Betts!  You feel that?

Panel Five.

Betts, looking down on them through the hole in the floor he climbed up to.

7. Jerome:              Cold?  Not me.  Kennedy ain't up here, though.

Panel Six.

And now we can see more of the room he's standing in -- he's just about knee deep in human skulls.

8. Jerome:              Least, not so's I'd recognize him.


Panel One.

On Race, who's wandering the ruins, an enchanted look on his face.  We're very close on him here.

1. Gideon:             (VO)  "Kennedy!"

Panel Two.

In a large panel, we pull back, so we can see Race and also see what he's seeing.  Which is a busy Anasazi city -- Indians going this way and that, men, women, and children.  Some are carrying baskets or pots or babies.

And they're all ghosts -- we can see the ruined walls and rubble through them.

No dialogue

Panel Three.

A beautiful young female ghost looks back over her shoulder at Race.

No dialogue

Panel Four.

She goes through a door, and he's clearly following.

2. Race:                  Wait!

Panel Five.

From the other side of the door -- there's nothing on the far side but a drop of about fifty feet to the sandstone floor below.  The ghost is gone, but we can see Race's leg starting to come through the opening.

No dialogue


Panel One.

Below, Betts is looking up the sheer wall.  He can see Race about to step blindly into space.

1. Jerome:                 Kenne--

Panel Two.

A blizzard of dust blows into his face, choking off the word and blinding him.  There's no wind anywhere else.

2. Jerome:              >kaff<

Panel Three.

Abby leads him out of the tiny localized dust storm.

3. Abby:              Never saw a wind like that before.

4. Jerome:            But Race...

Panel Four.

Abby stops, concerned.

5. Abby:              Where?  Did you see him, Jerome?

Panel Five.

Jerome points up the wall.

No dialogue


Panel One.

Up angle, at Race, clinging to the side of the doorway, both legs dangling into space.

1. Race:                  You a good catch, Betts?

Panel Two.

From inside, we see Brood grabbing Race's shoulders to pull him in.

2. Gideon:              I got you, Race.  Easy now.

Panel Three.

Back on solid ground.  Race is pretty panic-stricken.

3. Race:                  This place is haunted, Gid.  Can we get out of here now?

4. Gideon:             (a) We can try.  Let's start by gettin' back down.

                              (b) Usin' the ladders.

Panel Four.

Below, with Betts and Abby.  She's looking at the area where Race would have fallen.  There's a wide circle, covered by ancient branches, but in one spot a lot of the branches are broken, snapped off.  The very top of a ladder sticks out through an intentional hole in the branches.

5. Abby:                  If he'd dropped, he'd have landed here.  I wonder...

6. Jerome:              It's called a kiva.  Special place, to the Indians.  They had ceremonies and such down there.

Panel Five.

Abby starts down the ladder.

7. Abby:                 Let's just see.

8. Jerome:              Abby, I wouldn't... this is a pow'rful place.  A bad place.


Panel One.

Abby stops, part way down the ladder, and looks at Betts.

1. Abby:             (a) It's bad now.

                          (b) But I don't believe it has always been.

Panel Two.

Betts starts down the ladder after her.

2. Jerome:          What do you mean?

3. Abby:              It feels fresh in here.  Like it wants us to come down.

Panel Three.

Inside the kiva.  It's dark, the only light shafts that beam down through the holes in the ceiling.  It's a rock-walled chamber about fifteen or twenty feet across.  The floor's covered with debris, though, which was dumped in through the broken branches.  Abby is stepping off the ladder, and Betts is most of the way down.

4. Jerome:          You're right.  It's peaceful down here.

Panel Four.

Abby picks at some of the debris on the ground.  Pieces of wall, broken shards of pottery, crushed baskets.

5. Abby:                This doesn't belong here.  It was dumped in through the roof.

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