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It’s a vicious cycle. Being busy writing means lots of deadlines, which means there’s not much time left in the day for things like website updates. But not doing website updates means that when I finally do get time for one, there’s so much to talk about, because I’ve been busy writing. So here’s what’s new since the last, long-ago update:

My horror/western/steampunk masterpiece, Deadlands: Thunder Moon Rising, came out in September. This is based loosely on the popular RPG Deadlands. If you’ve played the game, you’ll recognize some of the locations and references in the book, but if you haven’t, don’t worry—it’s not at all necessary to understand and enjoy the novel, as this review from says:

“I expected a fun story that revolves around the game setting or maybe even forces a few of the game mechanics into the thread, helping to tie it into the system itself. I was pleasantly surprised to find none of that at all. No trappings of RPGs exist within this tale. Instead, we get an expertly written novel from Jeffrey J. Mariotte that redefines the concept of the western story. Heavily laden with mysterious undertones and dank, dark settings, this tale circles around and around like a maelstrom pulling the reader deeper within its clutches, disallowing any retreat. You’ll find yourself forgoing sleep in order to read just one more chapter, only to leave you wanting to read even more.”

Next up, at the end of November, is NCIS: Los Angeles: Bolthole. This is the second novel based on the hugely popular CBS TV show (the first was by a different author). It’s a fast-paced thriller that I think reflects the show’s mix of action, suspense, and fun.

And speaking of NCIS, as I’m writing this update, I’m also getting ready to turn in the first-ever NCIS: New Orleans novel! It’ll be released in the spring, and there will be much more about it in the next update.

My lovely wife and outstanding writing partner Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell and I have also finished up the first book in a Xena: Warrior Princess trilogy called Gods of War. The first novel is also called Gods of War, and we’re just wrapping up the second, Isle of War. We’re not sure what the publishing schedule will be, but again, there’ll be more info next time.

We’ve also had some short stories published recently, including “V-Wars: The Real HousewiVes of Scottsdale,” in the anthology V-Wars: Shockwaves. V-Wars is the hugely successful vampire fiction series created by author Jonathan Maberry, who also edited the anthology.

In another Maberrry-edited anthology, X-Files: Secret Agendas, Marcy and I have a story called “X-Files: Transmissions.” This one, obviously, is based on the mega-popular cult TV series X-Files.


Jeffrey J. Mariotte

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