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The Witch Season books are no longer available in their original form. They have been slightly revised and updated and released as Dark Vengeance, Volume 1 (containing the full novels Summer and Fall) and Dark Vengeance, Volume 2 (containing Winter and Spring). Same great story, all new package!

Dark Vengeance, Vol. 1
Simon Pulse, October 2011 (512 pages, $9.99)
ISBN: 9781442429758

Dark Vengeance, Vol. 2
Simon Pulse, May 2012 (448 pages, $10.99)
ISBN-13: 978-1442429765

Four Seasons. One incredible adventure.

Witch Season: Spring
Simon Pulse, March 2005 ( 240 pages, $5.99 )
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 0-689-86726-3

Now available as an e-book.

Kerry's life has done a one-eighty. Once she was a college kid with a summer share. A girl whose friends affectionately called her "bulldog." Now she's gotten mixed up with real live witches who are embroiled in a centuries-old feud.

For months Kerry's been on a hunt to uncover the truth. She's visited bizarre places and gained extraordinary skills. In a quest to uncover the secrets of the past, she's discovered a magical part of herself she never could have imagined.

As the final season begins, Kerry realizes she is the only one who can end this witchy war. Doing so, however, will cause one last, unbelievable twist--a twist that will change Kerry's life, and that of her friends, forever.

Witch Season: Winter
Simon Pulse, December 2004 ( 276 pages, $5.99 )
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 0-689-86725-5

Now available as an e-book.

Kerry has seen the error of her trusting ways. Turning to someone for help turned out to be a complete mistake. So now she is back on her own-mulling over the same issues, stuck with the same baggage: Find the witch named Season. Avenge Daniel's death. Decipher the ancient witch stories.

The difference is that this time Kerry is armed. For starters, she's picked up more than a few tricks of the witchy trade herself. To boot, she's got the knowledge that everything is definitely not as it once seemed. So even if her quest gets blown off track, Kerry is prepped.

The trick to navigating her topsy-turvy path is figuring out whom she can trust. As Glinda once astutely asked, "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" This winter, that's the million-dollar question.

Witch Season: Fall
Simon Pulse, September 2004 ( 292 pages, $5.99 )
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 0-689-86724-7

Now available as an e-book.

Summer's over. Kerry, Josh, Brandy, Scott, and Rebecca have left their California share and returned to school. Once, there was nothing better than the freedom and energy rush of college. But in the wake of such a life-altering summer, campus life leaves the friends feeling restless--and bored. Kerry, for one, barely leaves her dorm room. She keeps reading Daniel's journals over and over, searching for a clue to solve the mystery that is Season Howe. But answers aren't to be found--until the evil witch is spotted in Las Vegas. The five friends trek to the city of sin, rallying to fight Season. She destroyed something important to them, and they all seek revenge. Unfortunately the season won't end without her taking something else: a life even more precious than the first...

Witch Season: Summer
Simon Pulse, July 2004 ( 301 pages, $5.99 )
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 0-689-86665-8

Now available as an e-book.

Kerry Profitt is having an amazing summer, working at a resort on the California coast and hanging with her summer share housemates. Everything's great, until an injured stranger lands on their doorstep. Daniel Blessing is a handsome young man with a mysterious past. He's on the run from a powerful witch named Season. Of course, Kerry and her friends don't believe in witches. But Kerry is beginning to believe in Daniel, and her feelings for him. Which is too bad for Kerry. And her friends. Because now Season is on their trail, and they won't all survive the summer. Hunting Season is now open...

Check out a preview of the Witch Season:Summer Chapter One & Chapter Two.

Meet the characters:

Kerry Profitt

Black hair, pale skin, flashing green eyes--Kerry is someone who is noticed wherever she goes. But she's spent most of her formative years at home, taking care of a sick mother after the death of her father, so she's not that experienced at dealing with the attention, and not always sure she wants it. She is fiercely determined, and doesn't believe there's anything worth doing that shouldn't be done at least 100%. She doesn't give up or back down once she's set her mind to something. Cast adrift by the death of her mother, she is looking for something in life without really being able to identify what's missing--she just feels that there's an emptiness and wants to fill it.

Scott Banner

Scott's parents are old-line WASP money, and he attends Harvard, like his old man and his old man. Scott takes the money for granted--he certainly has no objections to living like a starving student, and he prefers to work during his summers rather than jet-setting around Europe. Plus, Brandy, his girlfriend, has to work to help pay her way through Harvard, in spite of a scholarship and some savings from her parents. For that matter, he kind of takes Brandy for granted, too, which results in quite a bit of friction for them. He has a definite roving eye, and finds Kerry too beautiful to resist.

Brandy Pearson

Brandy's background is upper middle class, but not upper enough to afford Harvard without some struggling. She's been prepared her whole life for struggle, though--her parents made the climb from urban poverty to upper middle class in a generation, and instilled a strong work ethic in her from the beginning. She puts out every effort necessary, at everything she does, and gets impatient when others don't. This includes relationships, and when Scott is not inclined to want to put the effort into that, she is happy to cut him loose and find someone who will. His obsessions--with Kerry, and then with hunting Season (for Kerry's benefit, Brandy is sure) not only interfere with their relationship but with her focus on school and work.

Mace Winston

Strictly blue collar rural, Mace drives a gigantic Lincoln Continental that he rebuilt by hand, after finding the body abandoned in a desert canyon. He can fix anything that runs, from cars to clocks. He's not as good with people, though--he's reticent, even sullen. Spending a summer in La Jolla is enough to remind him why he hates crowds, cities, and rich people.

Rebecca Levine

Rebecca's life hasn't been the same since Phish stopped touring. An inveterate hippie, she was born a little too late--by three decades or so-for the Summer of Love, but if she could be transported back there, she'd fit right in. Her fashion sense tends toward bandannas around her head, long flowing batik skirts and peasant blouses worn loose over her ample figure. She attends UC Santa Cruz.

Josh Quinn

Goth, gay, and vegan, Josh is able to find someone to disagree with about almost any topic that comes up. This limits his circle of friends, but those who do take the trouble to get to know him find an interesting bundle of contradictions inside. He loves film noir and can quote the best bits chapter and verse, but doesn't eat meat or wear leather because he doesn't want animals to be hurt. The whole noir attitude draws him to the seamy side of Las Vegas, and his gambling looks like it may become a problem.

Daniel Blessing

He's spent a very long life dedicated to a quest to find and punish Season. His mother may have set him on his path too soon, though--he has never been able to best Season in battle yet, though he might have been if he'd been allowed to develop his skills normally, instead of always on the hunt. Handsome and confident, he's attractive to women, but has never really made time for attachments until Kerry comes into his life. Then, the connection between them can't be denied.

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