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artwork by Tommy Lee Edwards. Click to enlarge The Slab was released on September 10. What is The Slab, you might ask? It's a major novel of horror and suspense, and my first original novel. Some people are calling it my best book ever. I'm not inclined to disagree.

You can make up your own mind by reading a portion of it online or in a printable PDF. Of course, you won't see the brilliant illustrations by Tommy Lee Edwards, but you can see some of his work here.

(c) 2003 Tommy Lee Edwards

There are a couple of interviews here and here to fill you in more.

Since this book is from a small press it's extra important that you order from your local bookstore or comic shop, or they probably won't even know to carry it. Chances are you'll have to special order it. They can pick it up from Diamond Book Distributors, Ingram, or Baker and Taylor, so it's easy for them to order.

You can also buy it online. If you get it from Mysterious Galaxy you can get a personalized copy. You can also get it from,, or if you're so inclined. I like to support independent bookstores, not mega-chains, but the choice is yours.

(c) 2003 Tommy Lee Edwards

The Slab is my first original novel, an epic of horror and dark suspense. This explains what this section of Slab photos has been doing on the site all these months--those were taken on some of my research trips to one of California's least-known and most interesting corners, where the book takes place. It's definitely something you're not going to want to miss.

Several prominent writers have said nice things about the book, as well. New York Times bestseller Scott Ciencin says, "Jeff Mariotte is an author with vision. His prose is striking, his plots involving, his characters identifiable. He knows how to move an audience--and how to strike absolute terror in their hearts. If you're not reading Jeff's work, you should be. I highly recommend The Slab."

And according to New York Times bestselling writer Kevin J. Anderson: "In THE SLAB, Jeff Mariotte grabs the reader's mind bare-handed and drags you through the unraveling of human interactions. It's insightful, potent, powerful -- and downright creepy. Not only is The Slab a microcosm of the dark side of human nature, it's also a ripping good thriller."

These are photographs taken during the final days of work on The Slab, at Slab City and the Salton Sea, in California's Imperial Valley.

Visit for more information about Slab City, other pictures, and a link to Salvation Mountain.

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All photos © Jeff Mariotte

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