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It’s a busy time in the Old West!

There are a few things going on, and they’re all related. First, I have a short story in a brand-spankin’-new anthology, in which I share a table of contents with multiple friends and literary heroes. The book–Lawless: New Stories of the American West, focuses on outlaws. My story, “The Coward of Coffeyville,” is about the last days of the Dalton gang. I’m joined in the book by stalwarts like Joe R. Lansdale, Loren Estleman, Johnny D. Boggs, James Reasoner, CK Crigger, Larry D. Sweazy, and many more. Part of what I love about being a western writer is getting to know and associate with folks like these (though some, like Lansdale and Reasoner, have been friends for ages).

Here’s the book cover. It’s edited by Russell Davis, with whom I’ve worked a few times in the past.

In other Western news, my short-story collection Byrd’s Luck & Other Western Stories received a rave review in Roundup, the official magazine of the Western Writers of America (and while you’re at that link, check out the WWA’s groovy new website–just be sure you come back here!

And one more thing, while we’re at it. On March 8, 2024, Marcy and I will be at the Tombstone Festival of Western Books, in historic Tombstone, Arizona (yes, that one, with the OK Corral and everything).

In fact, it’ll be inside the also-historic Schieffelin Hall, which, when it opened in 1881, was the biggest, most glamorous theater between El Paso, TX and San Francisco, CA. Now, it’s the largest adobe structure still standing in the American southwest. I’ve driven past it countless times, but I’ve never been inside.

There’ll be tons of great western writers present, all selling their own books, so if you’re in the neighborhood be sure to stop by. And bring your wallet!

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