Jeff Mariotte

Angel: Endangered Species

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: August 1, 2003

Pages: 384

ISBN: ‎ 978-0689862106

Series: Angel

With Nancy Holder

Cordelia Chase is accustomed to being rocked by visions courtesy of The Powers That Be, but she is particularly disturbed to be visited by the image of Faith–whose recent incarceration is the least of her problems. Angel heads off to jail to check on the once-rogue warrior, who admits to having noticed various supernatural creepies but can’t really investigate for fear of giving away her Slayer status.

The picture becomes clearer when Chaz Escobar, a one-time game hunter, explains that he is searching for his wife Marianna, a vampire, who he suspects of being the monster harassing Faith. When Faith is magically sprung from jail–straight into Marianna’s clutches–Angel, Gunn, Wesley, Cordy and Chaz are off to Fantasy Island, where they discover that Chaz’s secondary goal is to rid the world of vampires–even those with a soul…

(Available in hardcover and mass-market paperback.)

Note: This was the first Angel novel published in hardcover.



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