Jeff Mariotte

Angel: Stranger to the Sun

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: June 1, 2002

Pages: 304

ISBN: 978-0743427524

Series: Angel

When Wesley opens a package that arrives special delivery, he is instantly sent into a coma-like slumber. It’s obvious he has fallen victim to a spell, and Angel sets off with Gunn to get to the bottom of things. But everyone in a position to assist — magick-shop owners and even traditional authorities like policemen — have also been hit by the supernatural sandman. Cordelia, meanwhile, is on research duty, which is harder without Wes around. Some of his colleagues have clued her in to a plot — vampire, natch — to plunge the Earth into constant darkness, so that they might reassert their power without fear of daylight. She wants to help prevent this, but while she tends to Wesley it becomes clear that he is in the throes of a terrifying nightmare. If she can’t rouse him, it may be the end — for him, as well as the rest of humankind….

(Available in mass-market paperback only.)



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