Jeff Mariotte

Angel: The Longest Night

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: December 2, 2002

Pages: 432

ISBN: 978-0743427562

Series: Angel

December sure tis the season and all that, but evil generally isn’t up for a holiday. And December 21st well, that’s usually the winter solstice.

A.K.A. the longest night of the year.

It’s easy enough to see why this night would practically be the undead New Years Eve, which means, visions or no, it’s a crunch time for Angel Investigations.

Now, in the first-ever Angel short story collection, follow our gang hour-by-hour, evil-by-evil. From twilight to daylight, Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn have to keep the forces of darkness at bay even when black magick has a head start…

My story is called “A Joyful Noise” and it’s set during the 7 pm hour.

(Available in mass-market paperback only.)



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