Jeff Mariotte

Blood and Gold: The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta

Publisher: Sundown Press

Date: October 27, 2021

Pages: 580

ISBN: ‎ 978-0578989495


A collaboration between me and Peter Murrieta, a fifth-generation descendant of celebrated Gold Rush-era bandit Joaquin Murrieta, incorporating stories handed down through the family but never before seen in print!

When his brother and cousin head for the riches of the California gold fields, Joaquin Murrieta cannot resist following. He convinces Rosita, the woman he loves, to run away with him to the America, the land of dreams.

Instead of riches, they find deep prejudice and explosive violence leading to unspeakable tragedy. Forced into the role of a leader—first of a band of outlaws, and then an army of patriots, Murrieta becomes a threat the state’s authorities can’t ignore. With his brother murdered and his band of renegades on the run, Joaquin faces his nemesis—cruel California Ranger Harry Love—who has been given carte blanche to do whatever it takes to kill Murrieta and drive his followers out of California for good. In the final showdown between Murrieta and Love, it’s kill or be killed.

Only one of them can walk away from BLOOD AND GOLD…

(Available in trade paperback and ebook.)

Note: Two-time Emmy Award winner Peter Murrieta is the creator of the TV series Greetings from Tucson and has been a writer and producer on NBC’s Welcome to the Family, ABC’s Cristela, TV Land’s Lopez, Norman Lear’s Netflix reboot of One Day A Time, CBS’s Superior Donuts, and Netflix’s MR. IGLESIAS. He is a recipient of the Imagen Foundation’s Norman Lear Writer’s Award for his dedication to broadening the diversity of the entertainment industry.

Featuring cover art by Emmy Award-winning, Golden-Globe nominated filmmaker and animator Jorge Gutierrez (“The Book of Life”)

Blood and Gold: The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta was a finalist for the Peacemaker Award from the Western Fictioneers!



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