Jeff Mariotte

Gen13: Time and Chance

Publisher: Ace Books

Date: June 1, 2001

Pages: 262

ISBN: 978-0441008568

Series: Gen13

With Scott Ciencin

Five teenagers brought together by the covert organization I/O to become the United States government’s next generation of super-powered operatives: Gen13. Unwilling to be I/O’s pawns, the teens escaped the organization’s clutches with the help of renegade agent John Lynch, who soon became their mentor and friend.

But now I.O. has been disbanded—and a dangerous new enemy threatens Gen13‘s existence. A villain known only as Wager has obtained on the black market the top secret Gen Factor formula that gave Gen13 its powers and is planning to use it to gain control of the New York City underworld! To stop the growing crime spree that is destroying New York City, Gen13 has to find Wager. And that is exactly what Wager wants…

(Available in mass-market paperback only.)

Note: This is based on the Gen13 comic books from WildStorm Productions/Image Comics, of which I wrote some issues, and served as editor for.



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