Jeff Mariotte


Publisher: Actionopolis

Date: May 20, 2020

Pages: 140

ISBN: 978-1933925608

With Shannon Eric Denton.

Accidentally releasing the souls of 117 executed killers from Hell would ruin anybody’s day. But for prison undertaker Frank Timmons, that’s just the beginning of his troubles. During their first murder spree, the undead killers have slain his beloved Dorothy, and the only way he can save her soul is to track them all down and send them back where they belong! Written by veteran storyteller and artist Shannon Eric Denton (The Revenant) and novelist/comic book writer Jeff Mariotte (Desperadoes), Graveslinger features dynamic art by John Cboins and Nima Sorat.

This volume collects the four-issue miniseries in a single trade paperback, and adds a pin-up gallery by a veritable who’s-who of comic book artists, under a fantastic cover by Francesco Francavilla.

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