Jeff Mariotte

Lawless: New Stories of the American West

Publisher: Pulse Publishing

Date: January 31, 2024

Pages: 298

ISBN: 978-1950701063



Saddle up for a wild ride in this all-new volume of original short stories that explore the untamed lands and rugged characters that define the western frontier. From outlaws and lawmen to cowboys and frontiersmen, these tales capture the rough and tumble spirit of the West in all its glory and danger.

Lawless brings together thirteen of today’s best writers, each offering a unique perspective on the American frontier. From a boy caught between his abusive stepfather and the bank robbers he stumbles across to a young woman willing to do whatever she must for her freedom to a heart-pounding tale of tracking outlaws across the southwestern territories, these stories will transport you back to a time when the West was still raw and untamed, justice is scarce and life a constant battle for survival.

Featuring tales of adventure, intrigue, and the timeless struggle between good and evil, Lawless will take you on an unforgettable journey through the untamed heart of the American West.

Featuring stories by:

Johnny D. Boggs
Bill Brooks
Katrina Carrasco
James Ciccone
CK Crigger
Loren D. Estleman
Steve Hockensmith
Joe R. Lansdale
Melissa Lenhardt
Jeff Mariotte
Deborah Morgan
James Reasoner
Larry D. Sweazy


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