Jeff Mariotte

Lost Trails, Martin H. Greenberg and Russell Davis, eds.

Publisher: Pinnacle/Kensington

Date: May 1, 2007

Pages: 256

ISBN: ‎ 978-0786018246

ASIN: B0041OT92G

They are the stuff of legend, thundering out of the harsh landscapes and stunning vistas of the American West, vividly lodged in our collective imaginations. From Buffalo Bill to Billy the Kid, from Cochise to Jesse James, these names and so many others screamed across newspaper and dime store magazine headlines while the Wild West was won.

Lost Trails features inventive, hard-riding, action-packed stories by America’s best Western writers. Louis L’Amour, Elmer Kelton, William W. Johnstone, Loren Estleman, Johnny Boggs, Don Coldsmith, and many more, share tales of the legends born out of the wild frontier. So sit a spell and listen to a good ol’ yarn about Mark Twain’s meeting with Buffalo Bill, a man who shoed horses for Jesse James, or a little known nugget about Cochise by the legendary Louis L’Amour. . .and for a time, you can find yourself riding those Lost Trails with the real people that make the legends of the West come alive today.

My story, “The Ones He Never Mentioned,” explores the previously undisclosed first killing of John Wesley Hardin—and the following ones that he had to commit in order to keep that one covered up.

(Available in mass-market paperback, trade paperback, and ebook.)


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