Jeff Mariotte

SCE: No Surrender: Book Four (Star Trek: Starfleet Corp of Engineers)

Publisher: Pocket Books

Date: April 25, 2003

Pages: 336

ISBN: 978-0743464437


Series: Star Trek

When your ship falls under the thrall of the ancient Landru super-computer, or when you discover an alien device planted on your world before life evolved, call in Captain David Gold and the miracle workers from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers team on the U.S.S. da Vinci.

Captain Gold and Dr. Elizabeth Lense must face their greatest trials yet. Gold must confront an old friend who has turned terrorist and threatens the lives of millions — including the terrorist’s own daughter. And Lense must put aside the horrors she faced in the Dominion War to find a cure for a plague on Sherman’s Planet before that world’s entire population — and the crew of the da Vinci — perish.

This volume contains my Star Trek SCE novella “No Surrender.”

SCE: No Surrender contains the complete eBook editions of S.C.E. adventures #13-16.

(Available in mass-market paperback and ebook.)


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