Jeff Mariotte

Six-Gun Justice: Western Stories

Publisher: Six-Gun Justice Podcast

Date: September 5, 2021

Pages: 356

ISBN: 979-8541380064


(Richard Prosch, ed.)

The Six-Gun Justice Podcast celebrates the blazing six-gun action of the Western genre in books, movies, TV, and any other media at home on the range.

  • A marshal transports a deadly criminal through the hot Colorado summer…
  • A cagey snake lays siege to a defiant fox…
  • A determined young Texas woman faces an uncertain future…
  • Plus ten more blood-churning tales culled from the finest of the Six-Gun Justice Patreon reward stories by the best of today’s Western yarn spinners.

“The Six-Gun Justice podcast is simply the best western podcast going. Paul and Rich know their stuff, and the deep dives into the genre along with conversations with today’s top-of-the-line Western professionals make the show a weekly must-listen.” — Peter Branvold, Wolfpack Publishing Best-Selling Author

My story is “The Snake and the Fox.”

Reviewer Andrew McBride called it one of his two favorite stories in the book, writing: “Fox Caldwell is an old former outlaw who has survived until c. 1915, but then the past comes calling. This taut, superbly-written elegy also has a cinematic quality, and I thought of a Sam Peckinpah-directed end-of-the-west movie with a script by Elmore Leonard.

(Available in trade paperback and ebook.)



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