Jeff Mariotte

The Phantom Chronicles, Vol. 2

Publisher: Moonstone Books

Date: June 8, 2010

Pages: 256

ISBN: 978-1-933076-57-7

(Joe Gentile, ed.)

15 all new prose stories, with spot illustrations. Harlan Ellison, Ed Gorman, Robin Wayne Bailey, Mike Bullock, Tom DeFalco, Win Scott Eckert, Joe Gentile, Mark Justice, Jeff Mariotte, Joe McKinney, Nate Meyer, Will Murray, Mel Odom, Martin Powell, and Aaron Shaps.

For the VERY first time anywhere…this book will have the first team-up ever of the Phantom and the Green Hornet…a brand new story fragment written by master wordsmith Harlan Ellison!

To the outside world, this man, seemingly immortal, has always worn the mask. As the legend grew, it transcended the life of any one mortal. And that legend became THE PHANTOM!

High adventure and intrigue in the African jungle, on the high seas, and in the streets! There is always justice that needs to be served, whether it’s in the present…or the past.

With an introduction by the Phantom creator’s Lee Falk’s daughter Diane Falk!

My story is the hard-boiled crime tale “The Leopard’s Eye.”

(Available in trade paperback only.)


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