Jeff Mariotte

Under Western Stars

Publisher: Western Fictioneers

Date: September 29, 2020

Pages: 382

ISBN: 979-8692046376


(Richard Prosch, ed.)

As the sun goes down behind the long, low western horizon, imagine a gathering of friends who write stories, share stories, encourage new stories, and visit about the craft of fiction.

As a reader, you’ll find stories about family, lost and found. Tales of Civil War and reconciliation. Gunfighters. Bounty hunters. Small towns and cemeteries. You’ll find ghosts, real and imagined. Adventure and romance. You’ll make new friends and rekindle old flames. You’ll live under western stars, with a harvest moon overhead and laughter and suspense all around.

Western stories by Terry Alexander, Ben Goheen, James J. Griffin, J. L. Guin, J. E. S. Hays, Easy Jackson, Jackson Lowry, Susan Murrie MacDonald, Jeffrey J. Mariotte, Edward Massey, Meg Mims, Clay More, Michael Newton, Richard Prosch, Angela Raines, Gordon L. Rottman, Barbara Shepherd, Charlie Steel, G. Wayne Tilman, Benjamin Thomas, Big Jim Williams, and Kevin Wolf.

Pull up a stump and join us around the campfire.

My story is ‘The Midnight Train.”

(Available in trade paperback and ebook.)


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