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New Website, New Blog, and Sad Announcement

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Welcome to my brand-spankin’-new snazzy website. Look around and you’ll see all kinds of cool stuff. You can sort the publications by series, by genre, by original vs. tie-in, etc. You can quickly see what’s comics, what’s nonfiction, what’s short fiction, and more.

And from now on, my blog will be right here on the site, instead of over on Typepad. Set your bookmarks now–you won’t want to miss a thing!

As for the aforementioned sad announcement, Marcy and I were supposed to be heading down to TusCon 48 this weekend, to appear on some panels, sign some books, and be in public for the first time in two years. Alas, Marcy’s been in tremendous pain this week, thanks to the long, lingering effects of an auto accident in 2019, and just can’t travel, even the two hours to Tucson. So we had to cancel our reservations and bail on the con. We feel awful about it, but not as awful as she would feel if we had done it.

I’ll be announcing other appearances here as they pop up, but I’ll also put them on the Award, Press, etc. page, so keep an eye out.

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for reading!

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One thought on “New Website, New Blog, and Sad Announcement

  1. Congratulations on your fledgling website, Jeff! It’s so professional and polished. Your published works page is astounding; I am awed by your prodigious creativity. I am waiting for the day, which I think could come soon, that you choose to go into film-making. I would love to see you write, produce and direct a film or mini-series. Is that something you’ve ever considered doing? My best as always, and keep up the great work!

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