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I got my copies of O’Meara’s Gold in the mail this week. No matter how many books I’ve published, it’s always a thrill to open a big box of them from the publisher. This time it’s especially sweet, because this is my first “traditional” Western novel–a genre that’s long held a special fascination for me, but that I was never sure I could pull off satisfactorily.

Box of books

To my delight, I think I did, and other folks seem to think so, too.

I’ve done a couple of things to celebrate that I’ve never done before. I created a Pinterest board loaded with photographs I’ve taken of the Southeastern Arizona area where Cody lives, and other related images. He’s in the town of Pedregosa, up in the Pedregosa Mountains, but he also spends time down at the Empress Ranch in the Sulphur Springs Valley. The Empress is run entirely by and for women, as both a working cattle ranch and a sanctuary for women who need a safe place to stay. Stop by and check out the neighborhood.

I’ve also put the book in my ABE Books store, so if you’d like a copy signed or inscribed to you, you can order it from there and I’ll ship it right out to you. Instructions are on the book’s page. (While you’re there, feel free to check out other items from my vast collection that are on sale–you might find something from a favorite author.) If you don’t need it signed, please order it from an existing online bookseller–it’s not my intention to take sales away from them. But in this weird era, with most author events virtual or nonexistent, I’m not doing nearly as many signings as I usually do. You can find links to various online sellers here. Once you’ve read it, please leave a review on the site–those are enormously helpful to authors.

Thanks for your interest in the Cody books. I hope they sell well enough for me to keep writing them, because they’re just about the most fun I’ve ever had writing.

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