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News on Tarzan and Elin!

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I got my copies of the paperback edition of Tarzan and the Forest of Stone today! Hardcover and limited edition copies will be along soonish. The official publication date is June 21, but if paperbacks are printed, it’s possible that those orders will be filled sooner. The limited edition is only available directly from Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., but the paperback and trade hardcover are available pretty much wherever books are sold (see links here). Writing Tarzan was a thrill, and bringing him into the American southwest made the thrill even sweeter. I hope you’ll try the book, and like it.

In other publication news, you may or may not remember that my first published collaboration with Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell, before we were even married, was the novella “A Soul in the Hand,” in the Neverland’s Library anthology. It was a sword & sorcery tale about two characters, Elin and Kord, in a somewhat Mesoamerican setting. Neverland’s Library is still available from Outland Entertainment, if you missed it.

Anyway, we’ve just published the second Elin adventure (Kord’s not in this, because it’s significantly shorter so we wanted to focus on just one of them). It’s in the magazine Cosmic Horror Monthly, which is available in digital and print formats. Our story is “Deep Into That Darkness Peering,” and it’s very much Lovecraftian horror blended with sword & sorcery. The magazine misspelled Marcy’s name, leaving off the a at the end of Marsheila, which is unfortunate, but the story’s still terrific. You can grab it here.

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