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Several years ago, I had the distinct pleasure of writing a novel about one of my all-time favorite superheroes, Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man. The novel–a blend of super-hero action and horror–was Spider-Man: Requiem, and it boasted a terrific cover painting by my pal J.H. Williams III.

Spider-Man: Requiem large

Last year, the novel was adapted into an audiobook, narrated wonderfully by Tim Paige. You can pick it up here if you’re an audiobook listener. BookRiot included it in a list of 8 of the Best Audiobook Adaptations of Graphic Novels, which was a delightful surprise (even though it’s not, technically, an adaptation of a graphic novel, but of a prose novel based on a comics character).

And now it’s been nominated for a Tripwire Award for Best Audio Adaptation. Tripwire is a British comics/music/movies/pop culture magazine that I’ve been reading and loving since the 1990s. It’s a distinct honor to be nominated for one of its esteemed awards.

The competition is fierce, but anyone can vote. All you have to do is go to this Google doc before midnight on September 26, 2022. Vote in any category you’re familiar with, but be sure to scroll down to the Audio Adaptation category. And thanks! Your vote is definitely appreciated.

P.S.: Speaking of Marvel novels, be sure to check out Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell’s Sisters of Sorcery, on sale everywhere in September! She should have advance copies at the Tucson Comic-Con, September 2-5. Marcy and I will be at tables 129/144 in Artist Alley for the duration. Our oldest son David Mariotte and his partner Rebecca Ann will be nearby as well, and so will Monster Forge Productions and lots of other great creators and companies.

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