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Dawn’s Early Light, and More

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So, I haven’t written a ton of comics lately, but that’s changing fast.

The first thing to launch is a short World War II story called “Dawn’s Early Light,” featuring the superheroes Magni and Warhawk, in a tale partly inspired by my father’s experiences in WWII Europe.

Magni and Warhawk are characters from Pilot Studios, run by pal (and former Image Comics cohort) Ben Ferrari. Ben also edited the story. The line art in my story is by Kurt Belcher, colors by Lunyo Alves, letters by Warren Montgomery. They’ve all done a fantastic job with it, and I can’t wait until you can read it.

To make sure you don’t miss it, hit the Kickstarter now and pledge. It ain’t expensive and you get a lot of Nazi-punching action! The modest goal has already been met, so there’s no worry that the book(s) won’t be produced (that’s right, you get TWO books for your $, not just one)! Just click that link!

Here’s a page from the story, so you can get an advance look.

In other news, I’ve upgraded my seldom-seen YouTube channel with some Super 8 films I shot in high school and recently had converted to digital format. Yes, the quality stinks–these were made 50+ years ago, and film deteriorates. And yes, there’s no sound and the techniques are crude. But they’re full of youthful enthusiasm and late sixties-early 70s high fashion. Check ’em out!

There’s also a more recent video there of Marcy and me reading from our fantasy story “A Soul in the Hand,” which is available in the anthology Neverland’s Library. It was our first published collaboration, and we’re very proud of it.

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