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123123 (Looking Backward and Forward)

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Well, it’s been a year. Some parts were good, some bad, as with most years. Outwardly, it doesn’t seem like my most productive year ever because I only released one book–Byrd’s Luck & Other Western Stories (details at the link). That said, the book launched a whole new western fiction imprint, Silverado Press (and was closely followed by pal Howard Weinstein‘s terrific novel Galloway’s Gamble 2: Lucifer and the Great Baltimore Brawl). The third Silverado Press book is on tap for a spring 2024 release, and it’s going to be another stunner by an author I know you’ve heard of. Details soon!

Silverado Press was also singled out for praise by True West Magazine, the foremost publication for aficionados of the old West, in their Best of the West feature this month.

Magazine excerpt

I also had some short stories published, including the horror western story “Barnfeather’s Magical Medicine Show and Tent Extravaganza,” in the anthology The Good, the Bad, & the Uncanny, edited by Jonathan Maberry, and “A Page from the Past” in Trouble in Tucson, a mystery anthology from the Tucson Sisters in Crime chapter. This one’s about Dave Tanner, a private investigator who appeared in my Major Crimes Squad: Phoenix series, and it involves the Tucson Festival of Books and a stolen book written by my late friend Ray Bradbury. I got to sign copies of it during 2023’s Tucson Festival of Books!

Book cover

In award news, the first book in my Cody Cavanaugh traditional western novel trilogy, O’Meara’s Gold, won the Best Action/Adventure Western trophy at the Wild Bunch Film Festival, and the audio adaptation of Blood and Gold: The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta (written with Peter Murrieta, audio performed by the great actor Richard Cabral) picked up the silver medal at the Signal Awards for podcasts. It was, of course, previously a finalist for the Peacemaker Award from the Western Fictioneers.

Much of my writing time in the last quarter of the year was dedicated to a ghostwritten novel, about which I can’t say much of anything except that I ghostwrote a novel. It’s a good one, but of course I’m not allowed to acknowledge it when it’s published. But I do have at least one short story that’ll be out next year, and I’m back to writing comics, some of which will be along soon. I’m also working on a horror novel, and my hope is to finish two novels during 2024, one horror and one western. I’ll keep you posted here as those progress. I’ve also hooked up with the folks at Monster Forge Productions, and you’ll be seeing lots of great stuff from us there.

In my personal life, the big highlight of the year was a two-week trip to Europe, with time in Paris and London and brief stopovers in Rome. The high point of that trip was Marcy and I getting to go inside the circle at Stonehenge, during June’s full moon. It stays light very late there in summer, but this was early evening, maybe 6-7 PM.


We also visited Rue Mariotte in Paris, and discovered a wonderful comic shop on the corner! How apropos!

Comic shop in Paris

Thanks for visiting this site and reading my work during this year. I wish you a happy, healthy, and joyful 2024, and wish us all peace on our planet.

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